Cristina Beth: Roll Call

Roll Call attempts an archival record of love and labour; an exercise to fix down temporal actions with a performance style exhibition that brings together tangible and intangible moments. Over the duration of a week, Cristina Beth will type names onto a growing scroll that bears testament to the supporters of her Peace Poppy Project, reminiscent of the honour rolls that acknowledge the sacrifices of soldiers.

The Peace Poppy Project has been running for five years. It works with ideas around exchange, collaboration, conversation and compassion while remembering and honouring those who served, fought, and gave of their lives. Some 35 groups and communities from areas throughout Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch have been able to link together under the umbrella of this project for a common cause and outcome. While each group has been given the same formatted kit of materials and an outline for a suggested display, the variable outcomes have been immense and exciting.

The gesture of the hand is still apparent in the performance and echoes the original performance of hand-making each individual poppy, but in this case exercised by one person instead of thousands, making the network of collaborators apparent in one place. The emphasis within this project has been on reflection and peaceful intentions in the face of continued destruction and ongoing wars. 

20-25 February 2018, 11am – 4pm