Chris Charteris and Emily Siddell: Aspects of Glass

Chris Charteris and Emily Siddell are two established artists who are known for their large-scale works. For this installation, they have collaborated in exploring various qualities and histories of glass, referencing both the very familiar shapes of recycled wine bottles and the most ancient and natural form of glass, obsidian. The combination acknowledges the functional use of glass: obsidian has been used for thousands of years as a cutting tool, much like a household knife, while wine bottles have an ongoing usefulness as a vessel. The artists propose these new works as a celebration of wine, to the pleasure of good wine and positive wine related experiences. Speaking to the scale of these necklaces, they observe: "many wine bottles were accumulated to produce these artworks. Please note: Chris and Emily didn't have to drink all the wine to get these bottles, it was a big group effort. As they say: everything in moderation. Cheers, we'll drink to that!"

Small Space follows on from the Curiosity Cabinet programme at Lopdell House Gallery and the Curiosity Corner programme at Te Uru. Using the landing of the floating staircase behind Gallery One, the space is dedicated to and supports contemporary jewellery and object-making practices. 

7 June – 24 July