Jeremy Leatinu'u: The Welcome Project

"Jeremy Leatinu’u’s The Welcome Project exhibited at Artspace in 2010 … The two screens displayed related performances, the left screen was a video of Jeremy holding a welcome sign to greet new arrivals to the Auckland International Airport. The right screen was a video of Jeremy at the bottom of the crater at One Tree Hill collecting and placing volcanic rocks in such a way so as to again spell out the word welcome. For English speakers his welcome statement is a dichotomous expression, an invitation that states an inclusivity while at the same time what ‘they’ or ‘we’ are being welcomed into will forever remain exclusive and nondescript. Denying us an entrant passage as this place is never defined, so subsequently we can never enter."

Excerpt from Rangituhia Hollis' 'The Other side of speaking', 2013

The Welcome Project, 2010
Auckland International Airport: 20mins 6secs
Cornwall Park, Maungakiekie: 33mins 15secs 

25 February – 7 May 2017