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We now offer art workshops for adults during the day, providing a place to experiment and test a range of different media in a creative, supportive environment.

Mixed Media Casting 
This class will introduce you to the process of making and casting a small 1–part plaster mold. beginning with sculpting clay, you’ll learn to create a form that can be cast in plaster and replicated using paper casting techniques. You will cultivate clay-modelling skills and develop a better understanding of 2D and 3D observational skills to realise your concepts. We will paint and varnish works to finish. Please note we will be using modelling clay that will not be fired in a kiln.

Fridays 10am – 1pm, 23 February – 6 April
please note no class on Easter Friday

Six sessions $180 includes most materials
Tutor Iona Matheson

Surface Tensions 
This workshop will focus on applying different types of textures and surfaces to embellish sculptural forms. We will use a wide range of mixed media, including unfired paper clay, paper, card, polystyrene, paper pulps and plaster. Using these materials, we will construct a series of small sculptures that are then reworked to build up tensions between the surface and the form. Please note we will be using modelling clay that will not be fired in a kiln.

Fridays 10am – 1pm, 25 May – 29 June

Six sessions $180 includes most materials | Suitable for all levels
Tutor Iona Matheson

FOR children

Weekend workshop: Pop-up Magic
Come and meet Phillip Fickling, a paper wngineer who creates extraordinary pop-up books and sculptures. You might be familiar with his pop-up books SWELL: The Art of Judy Millar written by Trish Gribben and The House That Wonky Built illustrated by Katz Cowley. He is highly skilled at creating incredible feats in card that bring book illustrations to life. When Phillip was young, he started building flying saucers, submarines and Star Wars spacecraft in paper. 30 years later, he was asked to design and illustrate the Star Wars Mega Model Book! Join us in an inspiring workshop where you will draw, colour, cut and then paste sheets of pre printed-paper together to make your very own special pop-up card. Ambitious makers can combine several pop-ups to make their own book!

Saturday 17 March, 1-3pm
$25 includes all materials

Suitable children aged 6-12 years of age

Inventing stories
Join the talented writer Julie Hill for a series of writing workshops. Julie writes across a range of platforms, having published short stories, toured award-nominated plays and written scripts for kids’ televisions shows. As a journalist, Julie also writes for Paperboy, Spinoff and North & South among others. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your child’s budding creative writer within.

Suitable for ages 7-12 years:
In this lively creative writing class, writer Julie Hill will show you how to get your brilliant ideas down on paper. Listen to what your favourite authors have to say about storytelling. Brainstorm scenarios, plots and characters, all while playing fun games to get you writing. 

Saturday mornings 19 May – 30 June, 10am – 12pm (seven weeks)

Suitable for ages 13-18 years:
Whether you’re a published prose writer or a secret scribe, Julie Hill will encourage you to write more and write better. We’ll share stories and learn how to give (and take) constructive feedback. Julie will share tips to unleash your inspiration, find your own style and win over the reader.

Saturday afternoons 19 May – 30 June, 1-3pm (seven weeks)

$120 includes all materials | Tutor: Julie Hill

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