Participate in one of our exciting hands-on workshops or gallery tours. The Learning Centre offers an inspirational setting with stunning views into the surrounding bush, providing a truly creative space in which to learn. 

In this fun workshop, you’ll discover the joy of creating your own story and illustrations. Invent or select your favourite book character to illustrate onto special fabric. You will map out ideas using chalk, then layer coatings of oil pastels to build up tones, and finish with tinted wools and sequins as collage. We will learn about line, composition and textural mark making. Compose a creative story based on your  haracter as a post-visit activity. Join the flags together to make a colourful installation back in
your classroom. (Yrs. 1-8, English and art)

We will explore contemporary artwork by Christine Hellyar, who is inspired by the forests of the Waitakere Ranges, 18th century history, and colonial artefacts shipped to Aotearoa during that period. We’ll think about how Hellyar uses colour, texture, and composition to produce captivating works of art, then we’ll learn how to integrate some of these processes into our own artwork. The finished crayon/dye/cold wax paintings will make a stunning forest mural back in your classroom (Yrs. 1-8, art, English, science and social history)


View a range of contemporary artwork spread across five unique gallery spaces. Students will be encouraged to interpret various artworks, considering key ideas, materials and techniques. 

1 hour visit $3/student
Intermediate/highschools can do unguided gallery tours for free - bookings are essential. Book here

Workshop Rates

Our standard rate for a two hour workshop is $6/student or a concession rate of $5/student for multiple bookings. All materials are supplied.  

Workshop Times

Mornings 9.30–11.30am, afternoons 12.30 – 2.30pm
Extension classes welcome, contact us for further details.


817 8087 x 204 or email




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