Participate in one of our exciting hands-on workshops or gallery tours. The Learning Centre offers an inspirational setting with stunning views into the surrounding bush, providing a truly creative space in which to learn. 

Instruments From Scratch
Explore intriguing instruments made by the innovative and experimental New Zealand band From Scratch. From Scratch, active since the 1970s, use music, movement and video to create dynamic live performances that often comment on our political history. We will have our senses activated by vibrational sounds from the From Scratch: 546 Moons exhibition and view large-scale experimental instruments, which double as sculptural installations. Using that as inspiration, we will create our very own percussion instruments. There may even be a few opportunities to meet some of these talented musicians! (Yrs. 1-8, art, music, technology, history)

Selfie Fusion
We will view artwork by the artist Kerry Ann Lee, who is of third-generation Chinese descent and also has a background in the graphic arts, music and zine-making. She uses hand-made processes to create images of overlapping public and personal experiences as a playful investigation of identity issues and complex cultural structures. Often her work reflects themes around Cantonese Chinese urban settlement in the Asia Pacific region during the 19th Century, in particular Chinatowns. Using painting and collage techniques, she blends found text and images that connect in an eclectic way to highlight different and unknown histories. In this workshop, we’ll create a mixed media self-portrait that reveals aspects of our own individuality and culture. The completed selfie will be a fusion of images, symbols, text and photos, collaged together to tell a unique personal story. (Years 1-6, English, art, social sciences and history)

Optional: BYO an A5-sized photo of yourself to add to your artwork. 


View a range of contemporary artwork spread across five unique gallery spaces. Students will be encouraged to interpret various artworks, considering key ideas, materials and techniques. 

1 hour visit $3/student
Intermediate/highschools can do unguided gallery tours for free - bookings are essential. Book here

Workshop Rates

Our standard rate for a two hour workshop is $6/student or a concession rate of $5/student for multiple bookings. All materials are supplied.  

Workshop Times

Mornings 9.30–11.30am, afternoons 12.30 – 2.30pm
Extension classes welcome, contact us for further details.


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