Visit our Learning Centre Gallery on level 3 for exhibitions and family activities that change on a regular basis. Be sure to ask at reception for a copy of our family gallery trail to enhance your visit.


Inside/Out is a Kelston Boys High School exhibition created by year 11 sculpture students. They were challenged to investigate and redefine everyday items by exploring positive and negative space through casting techniques. Inspired by the work of Rachel Whiteread and her minimalist approach, the objects are able to evoke contemplation by giving the inside of things a life which would otherwise go unseen.

3 November – 3 February 

FREE Summer Drop in Activity
Explore our annual Portage Ceramic Awards with over 60 amazing clay shapes, designs and textures. Then visit the Learning Centre on level 3 to design your own vessel using pencils and pens finished with collage details, these amazing designs will be displayed on the curving stairwell of Te Uru over the summer. 

Drop the Ball

This exhibition brings together artists Mark Harvey (NZ) and John Court (UK/Finland), who travel the world making collaborative sculptural forms to use in performance. Here they have collaborated with Woodlands Park Primary School Year 5/6 students, who have worked with recycled materials. A couple of these models were selected and scaled up into large sculptural forms by the group to be used in a performance at their school and Te Uru.

Drop the Ball: Drop in Activity
Get creative in our Learning centre gallery and help bring a sculptural installation to life. Using simple recycled materials such as card, newspaper and tape create a sculptural form that we will install into the gallery. The Learning Centre gallery will be taken over with wonderous forms and shapes created by our community. 

2 March – 19 May

Drop the Ball: Open Studio
Be part of an exciting exhibition full of dynamic sculptural shapes and forms created by people of all ages and abilities. We will supply all of the recycled materials and you will shape a sculptural form to cover with plaster of paris bandages to place into our Learning Centre exhibition. This is a free opportunity to explore sculpture and engage with a collaborative community project initiated by Mark Harvey and John Court. 

Saturday 23 February, 10am – 3pm




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